Friday, February 4, 2011

Nordic: ADOPTED!

Sorry for the late update folks, but Nordic has been adopted! He was only with us for a week, but we fell in love with that sweet little guy. He was so much fun to have around and got along great with our dogs. Luckily (before we became foster failures!) he was adopted by a wonderful couple. Now he is living the life of long walks, running in parks, swimming in lakes, and, of course, being spoiled! We wish the best for Nordic and his new family. Hopefully we will get to see more pictures of him as he grows!


  1. Have you heard from the folks who adopted Nordic? Can you post pictures? I'm one of the people who helped transport him from the south to the north.
    Becky Dan

  2. I adopted Nordic, now Sammy. He's a wonderful boy! He howls like a hound. We call him the black eel because he looks like an eel when he swims. He just can't seem to stay out of the water. I will send some picures of him. We love him so very much.
    Ann November 16, 2011