Friday, February 26, 2010

Running With The Labs!


This picture cracks me up! It's hard to tell if Porter is trying to give Thatcher a little kiss, or if he is sticking his tounge out saying "neener-neener, you can't catch me!"

Porter is probably the most content puppy I have ever met. He loves to play, but even more, he LOVES to sleep! His new favorite place to nap is in the living room in our Papasan chair. If we leave a blanket in the chair for him, he will curl up underneath it and snooze the day away. But, of course, when he is in the backyard with our other pups, he will just run and run and run until he can’t run anymore. Then he will sit in the middle of the yard and watch the other dogs run. He lets out a few barks when he is really excited, other than that, he isn’t much of a barker at all.

He no longer sleeps in the crate at night. He has gained our trust and now sleeps with his foster brothers next to our bed. He rarely gets up in the middle of the night and when/if he does, it’s just to reposition himself and he falls right back to sleep. He does stay in his crate while we are away from the house, and although he has started to give a little push back when it’s time to go in (nothing a few treats can’t fix!), he still hasn’t had any accidents or chewed up his bedding. Actually, he hasn’t chewed up anything at all. Sometimes you will catch him carrying around a sock or shoe, but he never chews on them…just carries them from one room to another. He is even very gentle with toys and doesn’t rip them apart like some puppies do.

He is a true sweetheart and when the day comes, we will be sad to see him go, but happy to know he has finally found his forever home!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loving Life!

His favorite sleeping position!

Showing off his purple and pink tongue!

Looking for his treat!

Too tired to worry about treats...but his Lab brothers are more than willing to split his share!


Porter (aka Pummba) is an absolute doll! So far he has adapted very well to his new life and loves to run and play with his two lab foster brothers. He is getting used to the idea of staying in his crate while we are gone and sleeping in there at night. So far, he hasn’t had any accidents. The first night in the crate he barked for about 5 minutes, but once he realized he wasn’t alone, and we were right there next to him, he calmed down and went right to sleep. In the morning we found him laying on his back snoring!

He has been picking up on basic commands very well and has very good manners. He rarely jumps up on people or furniture at all, and if he does, he responds well to our quick corrections. He has not been aggressive with us or our other dogs in any way whatsoever. We can take things right out of his mouth (including treats and toys) and he isn’t fazed in the slightest. He rides very well in the car and usually just curls up and falls asleep.

Our morning walks have been great. He doesn’t pay much attention at all to the cars that drive by or other walkers (unless they have a dog with them, then he wants to play!). He pulls a little, but that nothing that can't be fixed with some training. He hasn't chewed on any of our furniture, shoes, etc., but every once in a while he might run off with a slipper or sock left on the ground. We're pretty sure that is more about the chase than the chewing anyway. After all, he is still a puppy!

He loves to curl up in your lap (if you let him) and give lots and lots of puppy kisses! All in all he is a great dog and will make a wonderful addition to any family.